Psycho-educational Seminars - Pavlina Antoniou
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Psycho-educational Seminars

The following group seminars are delivered on demand. If you are interested to attend any of the following, please let us know today:


  • Anxiety management with cognitive-behavioural techniques (Duration of 1-hour x 6 weeks)
  • Assertive communication (Duration of 2-hours, one-off session)
  • Regulating our emotions (Duration of 1-hour x 8 weeks)
  • Self-care: Yes, we matter (Duration of 1-hour x 4 sessions)
  • An introduction to depression (Duration of 2-hours, one-off session)



The number of participants is limited to eight. There is flexibility about the seminar themes, so if you are interested in something that is not mentioned above, I would be delighted to hear from you.


All seminars take place in the meeting room in my office at 53, Griva Digeni Avenue, Megaro Karagiorgi, Apt. 206, Larnaca 6036.