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Chartered Counselling Psychologist in Larnaca
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On a personal note..

Here you will find information about my professional background and ways of working.

It is true that I consider myself very lucky to be in this profession.  I am privileged to be a companion in so many people’s personal journeys, witness their story, feel their pain, experience their healing processes.  Words cannot describe the extent at which I feel touched by the human experience.  I am inspired by how much people can endure every day, by their power to heal, by their tendency not to give up.  Yes, there are times that we feel tired or stuck, or we do not know how to fight back.  In such circumstances, I wish I could grasp and describe to you the gift of therapy.  This, I am afraid, you will have to discover for yourself…

Whatever it is that brought you here, welcome it and embrace it.

Self-help Booklets

Psycho-educational Seminars